Exciting Reviews of My Vocal Interpretation and Melodies 

"How I Love this Wonderful, Limpid and Unmistakable Voice that lies on a smooth and sunny-ethereal house music.
Charming Carola Evokes all of this [...]."
So I give Full Votes for Carola's Voice and all the Marvellous things that surround the title of the song. 10/10." 

Rusty of the German Faze Magazin

"[...] 'Stairway To Love' is a classic deep house piece, the Strong Point of which is Carola's Elegant Vocal [...]". 
Haurelio of the Italian Wicked Style

"[...] Pop Vocals. Absolutely one track to Fall in Love with when the night removes the day [...]".
MD of the German Sceen 

"[...] Carola and Her Amazing Voice [...]". 
Matteo Rapone of the Italian Party Addict

"[...] Side A is a classical deep house track which begins a collaboration with Carola and Her Beautiful Voice.
[...] B
reathtaking Atmosphere, Dreamy Melodies [...]".

Jo of the Australian Thirst4Beats
"After listening to her music we were electrified [...]".
"Carola Jasmins, the new voice of international music."
"[...] Her splendid voice [...]".
Daniele Buzzurro of the Italian Linkiesta and Web Totale
"[...] Form also becomes substance. Substance that is basically a mixture of pop and dance, with catchy arrangements and really radio-friendly."
Mattia Nesto of the most important Italian blog Rockit

MY INTERVIEW with Radio Roma Capitale 93.0 fm