When you first meet Carola, you're impressed by her feminility and sunny disposition, but underneath it all, lies the determination and perfectionism that combines perfectly with her artistic inclinations.
This young artist, who moves so easily from London to Rome to Toronto, is the ideal "fusion" of the European and American cultures, thanks to her Italian father and Canadian mother.
Ever since she was a child, she was instinctively drawn to the performing arts - she studied ballet and modern dance at the popular Umberto Pergola Ballet Centre, performing in many theatres over the years.
During this period, she was also nurturing a desire to expand her talents into the singing and songwriting spheres.
While studying Architecture at University, she met Maestro Fabio Frizzi and entered his school, where she studied singing and vocal techniques.
She experimented diverse musical genres, finally selecting pop-rock as the music where she best expresses herself, even though she was also attracted to electronic music - she has always been an assiduous clubber!


After her studies, she recorded some covers of pieces that she liked with a young record label, that works principally with Italian television RAI.
She then started to write lyrics and melodies, which allowed her to express her emotions each time she worked with musicians and composers, thus becoming a songwriter.

Her first single "Stairway to Love"  was a collaboration with the talented dj Camilla Green for an independent record label of electronic music, Wonder Wet Records, distributed by the German WordandSound: a classical deep house track.
At that time she was also collaborating with Riccardo Eberspacher, an international composer who writes soundtracks for films and also chill-out music. Right from the start they found themselves on the same creative wavelength, consequently working together on several interesting projects, including "Rise" and "Turkish Dance" (Muto) for Buddha Bar and Radio Monte CarloUniversal Music Publishing.
"Turkish Dance", a voyage between Mozart and arabic sounds, had also been included as the first track in Radio Monte Carlo's "Cosmopolis" Compilation, Smilax Publishing, distributed by Warner Music.
They then released a single "Take It Easy" (Muto), that has a 30'ish sound mixed with a contemporary beat... a real musical high speed ride!
It had also been included in the "Electro Carousel Club Night" Compilation by Green Queen Music from Australia.

In the meantime she was working on a project of pop - tropical house music with a brilliant composer, Ranieri Senni; one of these songs had been included in the Compilation "Mind The Floor - Ibiza Opening Party (Mind The Floor/ Doityourself) produced by Sony Music.
The piece is a fresh summer cover of the famous hit "Never Gonna Give You Up"  by Rick Astley. 
The Lounge Version  had been inserted in "Cote d' Azur Exclusive Party Vol. 2" Compilation by Papa Musìque and Halidon for Radio Monte Carlo, together with a song, "Le Chemin Du Retour", a tipically French nostalgic sound, in collaboration with Federico Spagnoli, a composer that has written for the most important Italian artists; both songs had also been included in "Les Chansons In Lounge" Compilation by Papa Musìque.
"Never Gonna Give You Up (Lounge version)" had been also included in "Lovely Hits" Covers Compilation by Papa Musìque.
A new cover had been realized by request of Radio Monte Carlo: a chill pop version of Annie Lennox's "Why", a lounge piece with a good rhythmn that evokes emotion, romanticism and melancholy. It had been inserted in "Soulounge Vol.2" Compilation by Smilax Records & Publishing.
Moreover another piece, "Losing Your Mind", had been released: it's a collaboration with upcoming dj Daniele Mastracci for Amarcord Record, a musical delight that has a subtle retro feel with contemporary indie-dance soundsIt had also been inserted in "Suite Voyage Special Edition" Album by Amarcord. 
Her new ep "New Skin", that came out in 2020, it's composed of 4 pop-dance songs ("Going Out Of My Head", "The Way You Love Me", "Break The Chain" and "Roll It Back") with a nostalgic 80's and 90's sound, but with a contemporary beat. They're fresh pieces that evoke a sense of liberty and light-heartedness with a desire to get moving!
"Back To El Rio" was released afterwards. It's a crossover between latin and electronic: the misterious, sensual and romantic mood of tango got into her blood during a trip to Argentina and she combined it with a modern pop rhytmn to get a danceable sexy sound!

"Love Is Not The Answer" is her latest release. It's a romantic pop piece that arouses profound emotions in a timeless pursuit in understanding the mysteries of love.

“New Skin”"Back To El Rio" and "Love Is Not The Answer" are all Carola Jasmins & Ranieri Senni productions.

Many more things are brewing in the pot... so stay tuned and keep your eye on her!!